Will my pisces man come back to me Scorpio women after I've hurt them really bad ?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWill my pisces man come back to me Scorpio women after I've hurt them really bad ?
Nicole asked 6 months ago

Will my pisces man 45 come back to me scorpion women 31 after I’ve hurt him really bad? 2 year long relationship it started out really good but it’s like I had my insecurities because he did cheat on me and although I forgave him and I thought things were getting better the relationship got very physical on both ends . Now I know everyone is probably like it’s a toxic relationship run! But we just came back from Florida in hopes we can find a jOb and start over but he had to come back for some legal issues that invovled me DM . So  No I didn’t cheat but I did  indeed ruin his life basically his career and life his family wouldn’t talk to him because they found out he was lying about being with me all this time 😰 although While in Florida I just felt somthing wasn’t right I knew he was hiding things because I asked him what his he gonna do for work when we get back since we were now completely broke we sold everything in Florida barley surviving long story short when we got back to ny except I live in pa two hours away from him somthing wasn’t right so I went through his phone and I seen he texted his mom saying somthing like “hey mom I’m dropping her off tomorrow I’m done with her but just wanted to let u know that I’m coming home to nothing (since he lost everything because of me months ago) I’m not asking for anything just letting you know” so at the time being he was staying at my house then he kept going back home to Long Island and I told him I got a quick job that I can make 300 in a day so I did it and I told him I’d give him 100 so he immediately came over started a fight with me again blaming me for everything slept over had sex gave him the money and it’s like he wanted to leave very quick which pissed me off because I felt like I was being used so we got into a huge fight where basically resultedbinto him having charges here now in this state because I pressed charges and now after all this time I have not heard from him in almost a month last message was may 10th saying he wants to try to work things out why am I doing this to him I’m never gonna make it in jail and ever since then I never heard from him I’ve tried contacting him anyway I could and he just keeps blocking me he’s also changed his number which he’s done before but he’s always contacted me some way some how . Will I ever hear from him again ? Keep in mind I’ve known him for 12 years through chatting on fb and meeting on POF and dated two years .. I’m lost without him how can I just be a stranger to him and post things on fb like he’s having fun also since we broke up we always hid our relationship status but he has single on since we broke up but I have my profile set to where u won’t know if I’m single or taken so one day he changes his status to hidden like mine and post a pic of himself in a button up b cause I posted a pic of me taking a selfie at a wedding which I was dressed very nice . I miss my pisces man will he ever contact me again ?

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