Why i can’t fall in love?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhy i can’t fall in love?
Damira Arifullina asked 2 years ago

why i can’t fall in love? i think i had never been realy in love and i had only one relations in my love.
my DOB 19 october 1986
TOB 19:40
Russia, Kazan city

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1 Answers
Jawad Kazim Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Damira,
Welcome to My Astrology Stars,
You were born under the ascendant of Aries and constellation of Ashwini. Your moon sign was Aries and moon constellation was Bharani. Your birth chart shows you an emotional and creative person. you are brave and hardworking person, you love to make people think about you and you are very good at touch the depth of someone’s heart. You are brave enough like it seems that you dont like to rely on others and always have big dreams and big aims to workout, for long time you are working hard for yourself and as your concern is fallen in love. the thing is that you can’t share your secret with others and this is the one of reason that you can’t fall in love with anyone else easily. You’ve got enough lessons, even hard lessons in life especially as the tough time is going on since june 2015. Now things are improving and it is expected that you are moving towards peace of life and soon you will meet your soulmate like you will fall in love relation in first half of next year and this relationship will be for many years ahead.
Anything else you wish to know?
Jawad Kazim

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  If you feel,reply is late.You can whatsapp at +1-845-363-7004

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