Which country? Dream comes true or not?

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Mansa asked 3 years ago

Name: Mansa
DOB: 2 October 1996
Time of birth: 00.55 (12.55 AM)
City of birth: Lahti
Country of birth: Finland
I think I won’t get into medical school in my homeland but I am applying to other European countries where I might get in. But my dream is to move one day to the USA or Canada. My plan would be to study medicine in Europe and graduate by 2024 and then get married to somebody in the USA or Canada who is from same cultural origin as me. And then I would continue doing my masters in one of those countries. But after graduating from Europe I have very little chance (almost no chance) to continue my studies in the US or Canada as their system is so strict. Is my plan ever going to work out? In which country will I live after marriage and where will I work? Or will I end up in a completely different country? You said I’ll get married in 2027 but I was planning to get married right away after graduating bachelor of medicine in 2024. And that is also what my parents have planned for me. How will everything work out? In what order things will happen? Thank you for answering so many of my question till now 🙂  I’d be extremely glad if you answered me again 😀

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