What’s hold in my future. I’m too mch worried.

QuestionsWhat’s hold in my future. I’m too mch worried.
Richa Gupta asked 3 years ago

DOB -7 sep1984
Time of birth is 8:40 A.M
Place of birth is Batala, Punjab India
I’m too mch worried abt my future, my life my career my job my children my love all. I want to study more, want a job. I’m married bt having crush on one celebrity and now love him. My mind and heart is not with new. Can u plz tell me abt my future. It’s a request

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1 Answers
Jawad Kazim Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Richa,
Welcome you to My Astrology Stars,
As you were born under the ascendant of Virgo and constellation of Hastha. Your moon sign was Capricorn and moon constellation was Sravana. Your birthchart shows you a gorgeous and straight forward person. You can’t save the money and highly family oriented person. Family is first priority for you and second priority for you is your vehicle for you. You give second most priority to your vehicle. Your current marriage will continue and you both will have a good understanding between each other. Your second concern is career and children, your career seems in foreign lands just after few months. You will have two children and your children will be very gorgeous and intelligent and creative like you.You are gonna conceive in next couple of months. 
Astrology tells everything and we love to deliver your answers to you, feel free to ask any question if you have.
Jawad Kazim

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