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Jody asked 1 year ago

My question is I was borned May 16, 1971 @ 11:55 am in Deer Lodge Mt.  Can you tell what to expect in the next year regarding love, marriage and finance’s.  I have been in a on again and off again relationship, somehow we always gravitate to each of.  He was borned on July 21,1978 in Butte, MT.  I am not sure when he was born.  Do we have a future or should I let him go?

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Jawad Kazim Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Jody,
Warm welcome to My Astrology Stars,
You were born under the ascendant of Cancer and constellation of Asresha. Your moon sign Capricorn and moon constellation was Sravana. Presence of Moon in Sravana and Ascendant in Asresha makes you a sensitive person who does everything from heart. You love people fromthe depth of heart even when you love someone, you do that from the depth of heart and even you can die for one when you are in love with that person. It makes you highly professional and punctual sort of person and emotionally highly sensitive.
As your concern is marriage with given data’s person, combusted Saturn opposes jupiter in Scorpio. It tells us that this person who was born in 1978 is going to be your soulmate and you both will have a happy life together.You both are going to get marry in second half of 2020. Marital life will be ideal and you both will make a history together.
Thank you very much for giving us a chance of Service,Anything else you wish to know feel free to ask.
Jawad Kazim

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