What does a cancer man prefer a woman to dress like

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Jackie Mills asked 1 year ago

I am a Pisces woman and I met a Cancer guy online. I contacted him first. We’ve communicated online a couple of times and he finally asked me did I want to text. I immediately gave him my number. It took him a while to text me so I took the initiative to text him and ask him what happened after a day or two passed. He said he forgot and he will text. It took him hours but he finally texted. I responded and he never texted back. A few days later online I made a post and he liked it. I felt like it was to get my attention so I messaged him and asked why haven’t he contacted me. He responded but he disregarded the question I asked he only asked a question about the post I made. I gave him an answer and he never responded he didn’t even bother to open my message. A holiday is coming up so I contacted him to ask did he have plans long story short he said he will be most likely be doing some stuff with his friends and he invited me. I’m so nervous 😟. I wasn’t expecting it to be a big family and friends event. I’m really confused because I thought they only bring you around close friends and family once they warm up to you? 🤔I’m so nervous because not only will I be meeting him for the first time but now I have to meet all of those guys and try to impress them as well considering how a Cancer male feel about his family and friends. I’m sweating just thinking about it. I really feel like once we actually meet face to face and get to know each other better we can be a great match. I’m just freaking out and I’m thinking about inviting a friend to go with me is that a bad idea? 🤔I have no idea what to wear. My mind is racing. I’m so nervous. Help!!!

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