What do when you do not connect with you venus sign?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat do when you do not connect with you venus sign?
Kari Allen asked 1 year ago

My name is a Kari. I recently discovered my natal chart. My birthday is June 30, 1998. I was born at 7:47 pm in the city of Royal Oak (Oakland), Michigan. I agree with most of the aspects of my chart but there is one that I am  not so sure about. I am a Cancer sun but my venus sign is Gemini. I sort of agree with the characteristics with communication and enjoying stimulating conversation but I am more like my sun sign (Cancer) when it comes to me actually being in love and beyond a friendly relationship. The parts about a Gemini venus being unfaithful, fickle, and not wanting a serious relationship is completely false for my life personally. I was wondering if my sun sign is just almost completely talking over my venus characteristics if that is even possible.
Can you help me understand why I don’t really connect my venus sign?
Thanks in advance,
Kari <3

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