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Wanda asked 3 years ago

what do you see in my love life is he the one??

My Question is about my current boy friend!
Wanda 12/05/1958

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1 Answers
Jawad Kazim Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Wanda,
Welcome to My Astrology Stars,
You were born under the moon sign of Pisces and Sun sign of Scorpio. Your birth chart tells us that you are very intelligent, creative and perfectionist personality. You always look towards big aims and by your hard efforts you are good at making those plans a reality. You are extremely soft spoken and really very much attached to your family. Your financial health seems great all the life especially in coming future. You are fond of travelling and your birth chart says that you spent your most of life out of motherland. As your concern right now is current love relation, your birth chart tells us that your current boy friend is loyal to you and this is the time when your love life is gonna move towards the peak of success and first half of next year will be ideal time of your love life. You both will have this relationship continued till the last breathe.
Anything else you wish to know?
Jawad Kazim

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