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vickeyflee asked 9 months ago

About 3 months ago i asked if my ex really was my soul mate like i believed with my heart and soul and would we get back together and when. Jawad Kazim answered my question and told me that he was my soulmate and that he would return in my life and that he’s expected return would be in the third month of 2017. We’re about half we through the third month of 2017 and he hasn’t returned yet and i was wondering if he still was coming back this month? I know the month isn’t over yet but i want him back so bad and waiting is killing me. Can you tell me if the answer Jawad Kazim provided me 3 months ago still correct or has something changed to delay his return? If it’s a delay can you tell me when he’ll return? Or is he not coming back to me as predicted when i first asked? I was born 2/20/1972 at 1028pm in Canandaigua NY and he was born 12/16/1960 in Robbinsville, NC i believe in the morning but I’m not sure of the excat time.
Thank you,
Vickey Smith

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