Two different answers. Plz clarify

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsTwo different answers. Plz clarify
As asked 2 years ago

I had asked a question few days ago and in answer it was written that my ascendant is gemini. And my soulmate’s first letter will be bh, th, dh . Two years ago i had asked a question related to a relationship. It was answered that my ascendant was Sagittarius and the person i was in relationship with is my soulmate. That person has abruptly broken up with me in sept 2017. Also his name is not from bh, th, dh. 
So plz clarify what is my ascendant? Will my ex return to me or I haven’t met my soulmate yet? If no, when will i meet him and get married?
18 dec 1991
7:34 am
ahmedabad Gujarat India
my ex- 27 oct 1991 in Gujarat 

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