The last two years were horrible.

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsThe last two years were horrible.
Allen asked 1 year ago

I was born on 12/12/1983 around midnight in Sharjah (UAE). 
Last two years 2016-2017 were very horrible for me. My girlfriend of 8 years left me in 2016 and until now I struggle to move on even though lots of beautiful girls take interest in me and yet I can’t seem to get over her and I also cut her off completely many months ago. So she’s not even around, but I can’t seem to stop loving her. Also on the career side I have rough two years were  couple of my colleagues tried their best to ruin my image with my bosses where three weeks ago I was falsely accused of stuff and I was on the verge of getting terminated so I resigned. I recent was offered a job that is two hours away and in a bad area. It just seems everything is shutting down and all the doors are closed in my life. My career tanked, my girl is gone and I’m on the verge of getting depressed. Is it going to get any better ? I’m truly tired and I don’t know how much will power I have left in me fighting in every corner in my life to keep going on. 

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Jawad Kazim Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Allen,
welcome to My Astrology Stars,
You were born under the moon sign of Aquarius and Sun sign of Scorpio. Your birth chart shows you an intellectual person with very strong sixth sense. Your strong tenth house tells us about your obsessiveness with hardwork. As your concern is last two years, transition of Saturn and Jupiter tells us that you are passing through rough sledding since 2015. This tough time is gonna continue till the mid of 2018. Then your financial health will improve and you will meet your true love and gonna have an ideal relationship.
Anything else you wish to know?
Jawad Kazim

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  If you feel,reply is late.You can whatsapp at +1-845-363-7004

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