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Quynh asked 1 year ago

Hello, I was born 8/15/78 5:30am in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. My mom converted that to 9/17 when we moved to America so I always identified myself as a Virgo. Is that a correct conversion or do I go by 8/15 which is Leo? I don’t see myself as a Leo. The number 917 keeps coming up everywhere I go this year. Is that saying something?
Also, I am very much interested in learning about my natal chart especially right now I am very lost in my career and calling. I understand this month is potent in astrology but I have not seen anything for myself and worry I will miss something wonderful! Lastly, my love partner is born 12/3/68 around 8am in Pomona, CA. Will we make it together? Can I invest money in his real estate business? He also doesn’t see himself as Sagittarius. I apologize my question is so long. 

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