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Elizabeth asked 1 year ago

My date of birth is 2/23/1977.   I was born in Bakersfield, CA. I am in a very confusing situation. I am emotionally attached to two men Cesar 4/14/1980 who I am in love with and Ron 9/1/1979 who I am in a confusing sexual relationship with. I have very strong feelings for both men,but I question which one  truly loves me . I currently feel neither one does …. Cesar is in an on and off again relationship with a horrible girl and she just had a kid she claims is his and Ron is so sarcastic and at times demeaning at times. I feel like he just wants sex and no attachment. I care about Ron a great deal, but I am undoubtedly in love with Cesar and completely heartbroken. I feel at times Cesar hates me to top it all off. To complicate matters I am someone who wants children more than anything and fear I may never get to. I did think for a bit that I was pregnant with Ron\’s baby and he was such a heartless jerk about it. He made it clear in no uncertain terms he did not want it if I was pregnant. I never felt so relieved or so heartbroken when that blood test was negative. As you can clearly see I am a mess and I guess I just want clarification on where I stand. I am done with Ron, but I just wonder if things will turn out for me and Cesar. I really feel that kid is not his and he is being manipulated . I wonder if my gut feeling is right . 

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