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herajasmine Kopa-Taylor asked 2 years ago [DOB-03/09/1999] [Tokoroa New Zealand] well I\’ve been in a 2and half year relationship I\’ve had sexual intercourse twice with two different guys in this relationship I don\’t know what I\’m doing and I need advice, I don\’t love my partner or don\’t have feelings for him but I stay with him because I don\’t want him hurting this is my first relationship and I just don\’t know how to explain it and I need advice on how to break up with him I only feel like this because he kept secrets from me and dirty secrets hes a man a woman would love to have he\’s loyal kind and loving. but Me I don\’t know what to do just feels nothing I feel nothing towards anyone and everyone my hearts gone cold as ice my minds on fire an my eyes are drained through my body 😴😴😴😴

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