Questions if able to answer a couple in box too

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsQuestions if able to answer a couple in box too
Rachel Brown asked 1 year ago

Born in pensacola, florida unsure of birthtime only know i was born in early mornigs hours 1-3 am ?
#1- when and where will i find my next job
#2-  is Leonard honest for me to be able to believe he loved me enough and finally after forever get happily married for us and our kids…
#3-  when and will I be able to loose weight  and keep it off
#4- exactly what are the step by step guide to make me lucky and be able to win a lump sum.
#5- Will my Business be successful and if so is there a certain time I need to make sure its opened by or put myself out there so I can succeed in my business name Color Addict and is the name right for my artistic ability.. 
Sorry you don’t have to answer all of them I just gave you option on which you might would want to answer to what I need to do to get where I need to be thanks so much

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