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Deepak asked 1 year ago

Name : Deepak Kalro
Birth Date : 30th Nov 1987 3:32 PM
Birth Place : Coimbatore,Tamilnadu
My Question: I was recently interviewed by an MNC based in Germany (a 125 yr old Automobile Giant) for my hometown location. Please let me know according to Astrology will I get the job and if so will I get the new job offer before August 2017?
Background Information: The face-face Technical & Manager interviews went very well & I was asked to wait for HR round.But since HR was unavailable I was told I will be contacted over phone. But it’s been 2 weeks and the HR hasn’t contacted me yet.Just sent a mail 2 days back to the interview call letter HR had sent..I then called the HR & she mentioned that I have cleared all the interviews but project is on hold.Once approval process is done they would release the offer immediately.When i mentioned in current company since my probation ends by 1st week of Aug2017&before that I can easily join in 1 month,the Hr told me she would check with the panelists when project is expected to start&get back. Please let me know according to my Astrology chart will I get the job and if so will I get the new job offer in 2 weeks by July9,2017 full moon or before August 2017?

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