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Sarah asked 8 months ago

see this here so my ex boyfriend who was a Sagittarius (December 5th) and I broke up recently. At first he was so sweet to me, would try to jump to the moon if I asked him to. We met through mutual friends and things just heated up and were so great. We had great adventures together and the best of times. Then over time he changed into a completely different person. He used me. Treated me as if I didn’t have feelings.  I learned He was the kind of guy who jumps from relationship to relationship(which I hadn’t learned prior to being with him, he hid his past life from me mostly) he was a jerk to me, walked in and out of my life. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I cared about him, but he was toxic for me. I broke it off completely. He was mad and blocked my phone and all social media. I was very hurt by my own actions but I knew it needed to be done for my own self care and love. So days after this, I met a guy at the club and we just kind of hit it off conversating, a lot of the same interests. I was not intending to meet anybody and I certainly wasn’t looking. But something about him just drew me in and instantly I knew I wanted to get to know him. At this point we still are new to this together, but he seems to want to make plans with me on adventures doing things we both enjoy doing. He’s very sweet and not to clingy. I recently found out his birthday is also December 5th meaning he is also a Sagittarius. Is there any weird connection to this situation? Or am I over thinking the same birthday scenario and the fact that fate brought him to me days after I had to dump the toxic ex? 

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Jawad Kazim Staff answered 8 months ago

view it Dear,
Please share you both’s data here!

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