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Syed Haris Ali asked 10 months ago

20 sep 1986 Place of birth karachi Time of birth Fajar after 5 am. Sir I love a girl from 3 years and she love me too. Shevis from Azerbaijan and I’m from Pakistan. Her name is Aygun my name is Haris. Her date of birth is 28 sep 1988. We talk on camera and whats app and facebook 3 years. Finally after 3 years I arrive Azerbaijan last week we were so excited and happy but when we met she change. She said I’m not comfortable with you I can’t feel love for you and she cried abd said I wanna feel your love but I can’t. After 3 days I return my country and from many days I’m trying to convincing her that I love her so much buut she said no I can’t see you as my future. Sir just before coming there we decided where I propose her give her a ring and how we spend our time. But I don’t know what happened. A girl who was loving me so much some min ago after seeing me she lost her feekings. We exchange 15000 pictures in 3 years l. Hundreds of hour we talk on video call. We wrote almost half million messages to each other. We decided to marry after few weeks. For me she refuse many proposal she fight for me but I don’t know what happened. After het new behaviour I’m so worried and in so much tension. I wanna get her love back. I arrived there for meeting her we decided that we sit and talk and think how to get married. Sir please tell me why she is doing like that what is in her mind. Is she come back to me. I can’t live without her cause I love you more then my life. She also love me so much that’s why she waited and wish our marriage. Please tell me how can I get her again please.

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