My Boy, is he loyal to me?

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Amber asked 2 years ago

Hi I had a guy friend return to my life last summer and confess to me that he had always had a thing for me. All the while saying he didn’t want a relationship.  Things progressed and we talked on and off for almost a year and he ended up telling me that he loved me, I made him want to be a better person, he wanted to take it next level with me, etc. Then about 3 mths ago he ended it saying again that he didn’t want a relationship.  Well I let him be. We didn’t speak or see each other for 6 wks. Then he got in touch with me thru mutual friends and wanted to get together.  When we did he said he hoped I still felt the same, he hoped he hadn’t lost me, kept telling me over and over how he loved me, all this stuff. Even told his mom about me was telling me he loved me in front of our friends, I really thought he was finally putting forth effort. Because we usually only spent time together in a group. Then a couple weeks later he told 1 of my friends that no, I wasn’t his gf. Okay, WTF? If he wanted it over in March when he ended it, it was. Why come back around? He told me he was scared of being vulnerable,  as he has been hurt badly before. I have had a gut feeling this whole time that it is fear getting in his way of really being with me. But after almost a year?! All that I have listed is just the tip of the iceberg with all that has happened. I am just so confused and want to know what will happen with us.  I really love him. We used to be just friends, and I can’t see him doing and saying all that he has just to mess with my head. He initiated all of this. Am i right? Is he just scared? Is there anything that I can do? And if we are to be together, then when? I told him he would have to show me- actions speak louder than words.  He said he understood.  Just need some clarity because I have fallen hard for him. Thanks so much.   I was born 5-9-80, at 7:57 pm, spruce pine, NC

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1 Answers
Jawad Kazim Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Amber,
Welcome to My Astrology Stars,
You were born under the ascendant of Libra and constellation of Vishaka. Your moon sign was Aquarius and moon constellation was PurvaBhadra. Your birthchart shows you a cool mind personality. You have great creative brain, an excellent makeup personality. Your sixth sense is really strong, you get true vibes about the future. As your concern is your boy friend, presence of mars and saturn are in same sign. They are also conjuncting, this seems that he is loyal to you and actually he is unable to communicate you. He actually can not share his inside feelings with you, you need to give him some more space. As you give him some space, he will really come in peace and things will improve. You both will get marry, marriage is expected in year 2021. Post marriage time will be really ideal time.
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Jawad Kazim

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