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Enjoy Life asked 9 months ago

So I am a pisces with a 4th house moon in 9 degree Pisces with a 4 degree conjunction with Saturn in Pisces and a 6 degree conjunction with Mars in Pisces (both in my Aquarius influenced 4th house as well), and lastly it’s part of a Grand trine with my Jupiter scorpio (5 degrees trine) and my Vertex in Cancer (2 degrees trine). My question is while I do feel all three very much at times, which one do you think is the most potent as well as what will ultimately be the dominant aspect going forward in life. I ask because there are 2 malefics involved (mars and saturn, all of this is taking place in the detrimental-to-both fourth house as well, mind you) and two benefics (jupiter and vetrex) that are very different from each other. I also have 3rd house mercury in aquarius as well if that helps.

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