Moon in Cancer with the full moon

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Rebecca asked 2 years ago

5/4/1976, 2:30pm, Plainfield, NJ  My moon is in Cancer and I was wondering if this is significant with the Full Moon in Cancer on January 1?

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1 Answers
Jawad Kazim Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Rebbeca,
You were born under Leo ascendant and constellation of PurvaPhalguni. Your moon sign was Gemini and moon constellation was Punarvasu. Your birth chart shows you a wise, intelligent and very hardworking person. You are highly energetic and always you make impossible things happen because of this energy. You always think deep about the everything and sometime this turns to overthinking. This new year moon, it is gonna promise a long travels for you in current year. A big social circle of loyal friends is expected. for other signs thing affects will be different.

Anything else you wish to know?
Jawad Kazim

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