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Aneeka asked 1 year ago

13/02/2000 manchester engalnd. 03:00. Will me and aseel ever be together?

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Jawad Kazim Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Aneeka,
Welcome to My Astrology Stars,
You were born under the ascendant of Scorpio and constellation of Anuradha. Your moon sign was Taurus and moon’s constellation was Kritika.
Your birthchart shows you a brave,You are practical and soft spoken person.are perceived to possess a good affluence besides which you are believed to possess materialistic wealth upon land for which you could also get very much involved in materialistic pleasures. People like you would be very much inclined towards making money and will use most of their intellect and endeavor for the same. You are blessed with strong mind and are strong at the core. Your intelligence is amazing, your vision is broad , nothing is impossible for you.You’re an excellent talker but dont like to talk alot of people, you only like to talk to them who deserve. Your words explore wisdom and intellect.
As your question is about the love, your question is about assel.
Your soulmate’s main traits according to your birthchart are given :

  • Highly genius and artistic mind
  • Emotional for mother
  • respiratory problems
  • Name starting with B or J.

Thank you very much for giving us a chance of Service,anything else you wish to know?
Jawad Kazim

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  If you feel,reply is late.You can whatsapp at +1-845-363-7004

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