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Balek asked 4 months ago

I am married for 6 yrs. life is hell with partner. I have tried everything. I think our charts weren’t matched properly.i believe in astrology.
My details:
Dob 23 april 1984
Tob 10:40 AM
Wife details:
29 Dec 1986
0407 am
Please advise with solution.
She acts like my enemy.

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1 Answers
Jawad Kazim Staff answered 4 months ago

Dear Balek,
Your wife is a very emotional and a sentimental human being. 
She seeks attention, and if its not working according to her liking, she either gets into a depressive state or burst out her emotions in the most uncontrollable ways.
It has been since her last birthday that the problems in your domestic life has aggravated. But it will become better with the start of the new year.
Now the only solution i see here is , handle with care.
As she cannot take rejections , its best if you increase your love quotient, a bit more pampering and a bit more agreeing to her in daily matters.

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