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Theuns botha asked 8 months ago

good day.    im 29 years old male, Born 9 february 1988 Port elizabeth, South africa   I have been lonely and lonesome all my life long. There is this girl though that i knew since i was 8 years old and secretly throught my life i falled deeply in love with her realy hard and no one ever knew not even her.  And i kept her very close in my heart and she grew and grew inside of me through the years. Her name is angelique alberts, she is a beautiful blonde 29 old brown eyed blomde born on 11 october 1989 in port elizabeth, south africa   We where friends since eatly  primary school years and through tje years los contact on and off. She visted me and visted her a lot. We had arguments in the past and this year our paths as friends splitted due to me opening up after all these years, so it wrecked me alot so much that i almoat end my life cause she is the first love and the first and only woman i love. I love her so and want and need her so so much in my life as more than friends, she is the one of my dreams, the one i wanna marry or be able to marry and grow old with. My heart still aches a lot and i think about her constantly dailly and have so much love and true feelings for her since day one i forst met her.   I wanna know was the goodbye in january this year forever ? And is she seen in my future where im more happier with her than ever before. Theres just so much i need to know cause inside im dying slowly.   I look forward to the help and support. Love, light and blessings

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