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Gary asked 1 year ago

Male November 22 1995, 6:35 AM Richmond, Virginia USA. I don\’t know what I am anymore I thought I was a Sagittarius for the longest time when it doesn\’t fit me at all it seems, I got a birth chart done online it said I was a Scorpio which makes since fine yeah im a bit of a loner yeah I can have a bit of a tongue and yes I have always been very manipulative and will play people against each other or used to tried to stop recently seeing I was burning bridges with everyone to now have no one to turn to. I feel I\’m obligated to everyone and cannot make a decision to save my life about myself but have no problem leading others in a different helpful way I try not to judge people I try to stay mutual to everyone and everything with alot of issues with balance which from a natal chart I\’ve had done I have a libra north node that i must achieve balance in this life or something which I could see. Example. If I kill a spider I will save multiples after the death of the one because I feel awful and remorseful and feel I\’m obligated that if I take a life I must try to save more than I take or vice versa if I save more than I kill I will kill more almost like there is balance at work out of my control. Then the 13 signs or what not came out come to find out I might be a libra, cool makes since if it\’s TRUE, but I\’m torn between the different signs and it\’s killing me I don\’t know what I want to do in life I have no goals ambitions because the first thought of making my own decisions I feel led another way to the point I am on the verge of suicide cause I can\’t take it I\’m like having an idenity crisis or something and I just want to know what I should be following what pertains to me. My natal chart says I\’m a triple Scorpio but I\’m so conflicted some of it seems accurate others it completely contradicts and makes me question everything. I just want to know what is the proven method that works and pertains to real life and beyond the stars I need proffesional astrologic guidance.

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