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Yarley Mayben asked 1 year ago

DOB: 6/1/1992
POB: Seattle WA
TOB: 7:58 AM  
  I found out a month ago my husband had an affair with a girl he works with. He’s a chef. She’s a server. He said I was working too much, didn’t listen enough and he’s depressed. He also works a lot and doesn’t listen to my concerns and feeling. I’ve know he’s depressed but refused counseling or even a doctors appointment for an evaluation on an anti depressant 6 months ago. Here I am trying to forgive him and I’m also stuck in his depression. On his good days though, he’s great to everyone but me. Never acknowledges the little things I do, or ask me how I’m feeling or do anything that I’ve been doing for him. I know this entire situation takes time if I want this to work. At this moment, I am fed up thought. I’m tired of getting the unhappy man, no quality family time, tired of not being able to speak my mind without my husband reacting like a victim and then I start to feel bad because I already knows depressed so it sounds like I’m beating him when he’s down. I just need a sign, a saying, an affirmation that better days will come if I leave or do I continue to wait and hope he can recognize he needs to seek help for the depression and that there’s hope for our marriage to be strong and affair proof.

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