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Anonymous asked 1 year ago

I’m a cancer born on 13th July,1995 at 11:16pm in Calcutta. I’m currently trying to court a girl, born on 25th August, 1994. Now, we went out a couple times and things went pretty well on both occasions. However, she said that she is not ready for relationship, to which I said that let’s not just close the doors to something more, yet. She said that she will let me know what she decides, but has stopped talking or replying to my texts ever since. I know that there’s a high chance that she has left me, but I still don’t know what to do till I get a confirmation for that. Please tell what to do? Also, I saw somewhere that it can be a bit difficult to have a relationship with the first decan virgos, so is it just that difficulty factor playing in or all the hopes are gone?

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