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Stasy asked 1 year ago

HELLO! birthdate: 1.12.1995 at 16:40 PM MACEDONIA- Bitola  ok,longstory short: I AM HONESTLY DWELLING for the ANSWER!  Broke up freshly. almost 3 weeks. Broke up on shockly,IMPULSIVE and heartbreaking on MARCH 1-3 , MERCURY,MARS,VENUS trouble as i know!  With no logical reasoning ,( some VAST paranoia and  STRICKED my partner ,,mistrust from NOWHERE wtf!   I move on,transformed even more VASTLY and i feel great! i decided that my partner wont change his \\\”bullshit brainswashing cockroaches and i accepted very well that \\\”   B U T, I AM ASKING IF HE WAS/IS MY TWIN FLAME, DESPITE ALL THE SHIT BECAUSE MY INTUITION although its just a little sneaky voice inside,tells me that we will be back together BOTH OF US TRANSFORMED after this. because I SENSE that twin flame connection is like this.vague and heartbreaking yet transformative. PLEASE YOUR ALMIGHTY! hah i really wanna know if that WILL HAPPEN IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Why do i feel hypnotized by the intuition. btw i am a ceremonial magician and a have a prophetic visionery INTUITION,,, but seems like i cant do much on this on my own. ( IKR!!!)  P.S sorry for the long post // my parther is : 26.4.1991 at 17:00 AM at Macedonia-PRILEP thank you

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