QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHave I Met My Soulmate? When Will I Meet My Husband?
navleen asked 5 months ago

single bar recklinghausen Have I met my soulmate? When will I meet my husband?
Navleen Kaur Josson
16/07/93 12:50am
Female born in London, UK

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1 Answers
Jawad Kazim Staff answered 5 months ago Hi,

Dear you were born under the rising of Taurus and constellation of Rohini!
Your rashi was Gemini and nakshatra was Ardra!
This is horoscope of a gorgeous person who is very much gorgeous and goes into depth of everything even you are concerned to it or not.
marriage is going to be love marriage.
your spouse will be very rich person,having heavy vehichle and marital life will be ideal!
1. Going to temple.
2. Abstinence from meat, wine and eggs.
3. Offering food to ten blind people.
Best wishes for your future,
jawad Kazim

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