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StaceyE asked 10 months ago

Date of birth : 24.08.1968
Time of birth : 7.10 AM
City of birth : Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Country of birth : Malaysia
Real Name : Eo Mei Ling
Question: Dear Sir, i know this guy from US from online we are both matured n wants a long term relationship. We just started email but recently i found out he deactivated his profile at dating site. I suspect he now chatting closely with another woman. He is serious minded n i dont want myself got into triangle although he has everything i want from a man. Is this guy my destiny? If i email him again will i get good response? How do you see this relationship? Is that true he is talking to another woman right now? What should i do. I cant get hurt in any relationship.please help. Many thanks

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Jawad Kazim Staff answered 10 months ago

Dear Eo Ming,
Welcome to My Astrology Stars,
As you were born under the ascendant of Leo and constellation of Magha. Your moon sign was Leo and moon constellation was Magha. Your birthchart shows you brave , intelligent and friendly sort of person. You are straight forward and blunt person. You are highly attached to your father and extremely loyal to your careeer. As your concern is your current love relation, according to your birthchart your boy will come back to your life after september 2017. You both will have very good attachment to each other and will be a support to each other. That i can’t tell if he is with someone else or not. I can tell you about you that when will you be with some one and that will be september 2017.
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