Travelling and career and love life in my future?

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Beenzu asked 6 months ago

So if my career will take me abroad next year will it mean that i will be travelling for work? What kind of job will it be?
Will i be running my own business or work for others? Im a little bit curious at that point.
And my future soulmate will i meet him outside my country? Can you describe him a little bit?

My date of birth is 12/07/1998
Born i Zambia, city Lusaka.
I dont have the exact time of birth, because i was born in a village. But my mom says around 00-01

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Jawad Kazim Staff answered 6 months ago

Dear Beenzu,
You were born on amazing day, only big people born on big day and you share your birthday with  Valentinian III Roman emperor, Maria Queen of Sicily , and  Louis V Elector Palatine. Your ascendant sign was Pisces and constellation was Revathi. Your moon sign was Capricorn and moon constellation was Sravana. Your birth chart shows you a brave, practical and handson sort of person who cares alot about the people around you and have a big vision. You all the time think about big matters which are impossible for common world. Your first concern is career and love,  before explaining your career thing let me explain that you are personality having great leadership qualities with courageous mind. You are a free soul and deliver your all message whatever is in your heart. You  are very ambitious and determined in your approach and could reach at admirable height if you would believe upon your hard work and efforts. Your career seems in foreign lands and your career will be in field of education or somewhere like communications. Your second concern is love, Conjunction of Mercury and Venus the planet of love shows that your soulmate will be a visionary guy and you both will have brains on same line. Same thinking like two bodies and one soul, You are gonna meet him in second half of 2019.
Anything you wish to know, don’t hesitate and ask!
Jawad Kazim!

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  If you feel,reply is late.You can whatsapp at +1-845-363-7004

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