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Danielle Soeteman asked 6 months ago

Thank you so much for your reply You told me this when i asked about  my one true love: \”You were born under the ascendant of Leo and constellation of PurvaPhalguni, Your moon sign was Leo and moon constellation was Magha. Your birth chart shows you an emotional, creative, humanist and having amazing managerial skills. Your managerial skills make you special in the people around you. Conjunction of Mercury and Venus shows that you are extremely intelligent but most of time you love to stay silent and this is your best trait that you observe maximum and then you say when you have great grip on concerns. As your concern is true love, Truth is that you have not met your true love yet. You are going to meet your true love after ten years. You will have no kids with true love, you both will spend all the life together. His name will be starting with G or S or SH. Anything else you wish to know? Jawad Kazim\” 
Now I wish to know where will my true love be from be from? (nationality)  
And what about the man I am in love with now? What will happen to us?
Will we be together and for how long? Will i have kids with him? When will I see him In real life? Does he love me? Has he ever loved me? And last but not least is he my soulmate?
My birthday again 06-06-1973 01:05 PM Schiedam Netherlands

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