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Vasileia_Jordan asked 2 years ago

Hello i had a fight with my boyfriend yesterday. It\’s not the first time that it happens. But this time it was the worst ever. He didn\’t like some stuff i did. In the beginning he was understanding. Later he thought of it again and he started pushing me and telling me to get out of his car and that we are done. But i gave him already my word that i would change any bad character he doesnt like. I swore!! He has blocked me everywhere. I try to reach him out and he doesn\’t get back to me. Can you please find out if he\’s actually broke up with me or is he going to get back to me and forgives me and accepts to continue our relationship? My details: Full name: Vasileia Bitzaraki Date of birth: 7 October 1995 Time: 17.50pm Country of birth: Greece City: Athens, Cholargos Gender: Female My boyfriend details: Full name: Paul Henri Adouan  Date of birth: 6 September 1992 Country of birth: France City: Paris I dont know exactly the place name he was born neither the time of birth  

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