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rishabh asked 2 years ago

sir,i am going through a very rough phase in my life.I have proved to be a complete failure in my educational and job finding pursuits.Failing even in easiest of the easy exams have become a obvious to me.I should have completed my degree in 2016 itself,but i have still not completed it.Sometimes i find even understanding very easy things related to study very difficult.I want to work hard and get the results,and i do so on many days but on most of the days i just do nothing.I have developed a mind which does not concentrate on anything and wanders off easilyi would be deeeply indebted and forever be grateful to you for hearing to me and please endow your blessings on me.Kindly inform meis there scope of higher education or a good job in my future my date of birth is 02-07-1994 birth time-7:40 pm birth place-ranchi,jharkhand ,india

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