Are we ment to be together? Can we reconcile

QuestionsAre we ment to be together? Can we reconcile
Ms SJWM asked 1 year ago

My date of birth 11-27-72, his 07-27-72. Both born in St Louis. We’ve been apart since 06-23-2016. He is a loving spiritual man with a few flaws but was there for me when I needed him. I had previous emotional ties to ex and alot of anger which I took out on him. We’ve been battling with one another emotionally the past few months. I forgive him for things he said. I did things out of anger towards him out of revenge. Felt like I didnt want or love him but since seeing him around places I still do care alot about him. Whenever i was sick he stayed at the hospital with me until I was well. When he got sick I wasnt there for him. He even paid on my car payment when I was behind and did so even when I didnt ask him to and kept pushing him away. We where engaged and planning the wedding I wanted for 01-01-2017. My question is do we belong together and will we overcome the things that weve both done. Does he love me truly? What should I do? 

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