A question about my son and whether he is or will be happy

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsA question about my son and whether he is or will be happy
Peter asked 10 months ago

My son was born at 10:10am on 17 December 1996 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
He had an average to happy early childhood. But in November 2000, we relocated to London, Britain, and I think this must have been difficult for him. He went on to do well in London, all the same. Then in July 2008, we relocated back to Sofia — and I think that was also a bit of an upheaval for him. All the same, he went on to do okay at school. He completed school in June 2015 with quite low grades. I think he intentionally flunked his exams so he could avoid going to university. In the event, he went to do pilot training in Spain, qualified as a commercial pilot in October 2016, and got a job as Second Officer on the Airbus A321 with a big British airline.
All well and good so far.
I am concerned that he appears rather passive and depressed. He has very few friends. He has no girlfriend and I suspect he might have homosexual tendencies. I am basically concerned about his personal life and whether it will get better and happier than it is now. Success = happiness, as far as I am concerned, and although he is materially well, I suspect he is not happy…
Please give me your thoughts. Thank you in advance!

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