A plea for advice at a crunch point in my life

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Peter asked 10 months ago

I was born at 16:10hrs (4:10pm) on 18 July 1956 in central Sofia, Bulgaria.I am quite a soft, meek person.
My current (second) wife was born at an unknown time in the afternoon on 9 October 1964 in the village of Ostrov, near Oryahovo in northern Bulgaria. She is quite an assertive and hard person.
We married in the mid afternoon of 22 June 2000 in central Sofia.
I have a step-son aged 34 from her and we have a son of our own aged 20. We are both British and Bulgarian nationals with dual citizenships, though we are Bulgarian by birth.
Some years ago, I received from my late Mother a large property. The balance of it I inherited on her death in 2015. Much of the property, though not all, is also co-owned by my wife. It is located in central Sofia. Some of it property is rented to business tennants and produces a reasonable amount of revenue. The rest is occupied by me and my wife. We also have some property in Britain.
My wife is now pressing me to sell this property. She wants us to invest the proceeds of the sale into properties in Britain. She wants us to buy a flat for our younger son and buy several flats for us to rent out.The pressure is intense. She cites high current property prices in Sofia, the low pond Sterling (which she thinks will stay low during Brexit negotiations), and high political and criminal risk in Bulgaria. She threatens to leave or divorce me if I refuse to go through with this.
Her arguments are that we have an obligation to provide for our younger son. She thinks he will never return to live and/or work in Bulgaria and the property will become a chain around his neck one day. (In fact, our son is doing very well for his age — a recently appointed airline First Officer with plentiful pay, he is curerntly living and working in Britain.)
I am very troubled about this. My health is unlikely to get any better during the upheaval my wife is forcing on me. Most of all, I somehow fear tearing myself away from the family property, as if I am letting my heritage down. I am also concerned about the furniture and effects currently in it. 
Please advise me on how you see the sutuation! I thank you in advance.

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