Michelle asked 10 months ago

December 15 1990 is my date of birth. Born at about 12:30 pm. Dearborn, Michigan. In the USa

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Jawad Kazim Staff answered 10 months ago

Dear Michelle,
Welcome to My Astrology Stars,
You were born under the ascendant of Aquarius and constellation of PurvaBhadra. Your moon sign was Scorpio and moon constellation was Anuradha.  Moon in your bitrhchart opposes the Mars and such people are very much possessive for their home and family. Your sleeping cycle is disturbed!
You’re believed to stay involved in family matters as you are much concerned about them but your arrogant & impatient attitude brings many conflicts at the home front either with family members or for them. Conjunction of Moon and sun makes you highly energetic and industrious person.
Your concern is love, conjunction of Venus and mercury makes you a silent sort of person and you can not open yourself properly in front of others. You are going to meet your devotee in second half of 2018. Main characteristics of your soulmate are given below:

  • Having the ability or power to create new
  • aesthetic
  • Fond of travelling
  • Disturbed sleeping cycle
  • will be having health issues regarding to liver trouble, pleurisy, abscesses, quins or blood pressure disturbance

Anything else you wish to know?
Jawad Kazim

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  If you feel,reply is late.You can whatsapp at +1-845-363-7004

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